Port Lincoln Fishing Report – Wednesday 15th May 2024

Some more brilliant fishing weather over the last week and more good catches are being reported. One of the highlights over the last few weeks was the capture of a 93kg Tuna off Coffin Bay, these big tuna are certainly making a comeback and schools have also been sighted south of Port Lincoln within the last month. After last year’s run of big Tuna, it’s fully expected that these fish will make another appearance and they have. If you want to chase these big Tuna, you do need the right heavy tackle for these fish and after some of the battles that we saw last year on these fish you do need a good level of fitness as you could be in for a big long drawn out fight with these fish.

There’s plenty of other fish out there and here’s what has been getting caught around the West Coast.


Only Salmon news from Elliston this week and they have been reported from Sheringa, Locks Well and Talia Beach. Try the jetty for big Squid, Tommies and some Garfish. Up at Venus Bay there’s Whiting, Tommies, Salmon Trout and Squid for the boat fishers and there’s some Squid and Salmon Trout off of the jetty.

Surf beaches at Streaky Bay also have Salmon and there’s a good chance of catching a Gummy or School Shark off of the beaches.

Coffin Bay

Still lots of fish here with Whiting, Salmon Trout, Tommies and Gummy Sharks that have been reported in the bays recently. There are Flathead here and lure casters with some patience will be able to hook into a few fishing the beaches in the area. Farm Beach is still a Whiting hotspot.

The sandhills and the fence line and gallipoli seem to be the most popular spots but they can be caught from plenty of other areas. The Nomad Squid Trex vibe in 55mm size is proving to be a good little lure for Whiting with quite a few Whiting that have been caught on it, the only problem with this lure is everything else wants to eat it but they are very effective on smaller fish. There is also Tommies, a few Garfish and some Squid. Gummy Sharks can also be caught out in the deeper water and there’s a few good ones out there well worth chasing.

Offshore there’s still Tuna and mostly small ones around 6-7kg but you never know when that big one will show up. Rocky Island is where you will find them. Kingfish, Nannygai, Blue Morwong and Gummy Sharks can also be expected on the offshore drops and islands.

Salmon fishing has really fired up over the last week with just about every Salmon spot from Gunyah Beach to Point Drummond fishing really well, there is some good-sized Salmon up to 3.5kg fish around and hopefully some decent numbers of 4kg fish show up this year. You can catch these fish on bait or lures and there’s plenty of spots around Coffin Bay that don’t require a 4wd, so they are accessible to everyone.

Port Lincoln

Fishing off the jetties has been a bit slower this week but there are still fish there to catch, there is Whiting, Tommies, Salmon Trout and Squid. There’s some good tides right now which are perfect for land based Whiting off of the rocks at Tulka, Murrays Point and also along the North Shore. Flathead fishers are finding Flathead along the North Shore and also in the national park. We haven’t heard of any monsters just a steady stream of average size fish. Many of the Flathead caught in the past week have been on the Squidgy Prawns and a few on hard body lures like the Nomad Shikari lures.

Boat fishers in the bays around Port Lincoln can find Squid, Whiting, Snook and Garfish. All are widespread, some areas are good other slow but it’s best just to move around until you find them. Further down the coast there’s Whiting and Squid mostly at Taylors and Thistle with some really good reports from this area. There are some Gummy Sharks showing up on some of the Whiting grounds and all mostly good-sized ones.

Offshore those fishing with the Vexed Bottom Meats are catching some excellent Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Gummy and School Sharks on the offshore drops out from Williams Island. Salmon has been good down along the Sleaford coast with schools of Salmon all the way along. Lure fishing has been the most effective way of catching Salmon here when the schools of Salmon are in close with good casting lures the key here. Small 60gm jigs like thew Cast brand have been good and other metal lures like the Jackson Metal Effect and the Arma Twist and Anchovy are just some of the good ones.

Tumby Bay

Mostly all boat news this week with some good reports from in close and also out at the Group. Whiting have been good in close and also out at the Group with many falling for the Vexed Mirco Meats. Squid are good in close and also out at the Group and there have been some big ones getting around. Garfish, Snook and Trevally and Gummy Sharks round off what’s been caught out at the Group.

Port Neill & Arno Bay

Not too much news from this area this week just a few good ones that consist of Whiting and Squid for the boat fishers. Give the jetties a go for Squid they should be on the bite here.          


Looks like it is going to be consistently good for the next week with a couple of days a bit windy. We desperately need rain for the farmers and fill the tanks but we must admit it is pretty good fishing weather at the moment!

TW Port Lincoln Team





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