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Port Lincoln Fishing Report - Thursday 6th May 2021

Some better reports over the last week with Whiting improving in many areas. Squid are around in good numbers and some excellent Flathead reports once again.

Here’s what is biting.


Salmon are being caught from most beaches in the area to some degree and all areas are worth a shot. Gummy, School and Bronze Whaler Sharks also can be caught from the beaches in the area with Sheringa and Talia being the best. Flathead can caught lure casting the beaches around Walkers Rocks and also around in Venus Bay, there are big ones lurking around.

Coffin Bay

Whiting can be caught in the bays at Coffins, although there are many small ones you may need to move a bit until you find a good patch. Salmon Trout, Tommies, Snook and few Garfish are also still there and also Gummy Sharks can be caught. Farm Beach is fishing better and decent Whiting is being reported, some areas are still slow but if you move around you should find them.

Tommies, Snook, Squid, Garfish and Salmon Trout can also be caught in decent numbers. Gummy Sharks have been caught fairly easily if you target them and it’s worth using wire trace for them as there have been plenty of School Sharks around and we have had a number of bite offs reported.

In the National Park from Seven Mile Beach to Point Sir Isaac’s there has been some excellent beach fishing for Whiting and Flathead, some good numbers have been taken and Flathead to over 70cm have been caught here. The Chase bait prawns have been very effective on the big Flathead here.

 Over on the other side from the rocks at Frenchman’s, Coles Point and Mount Drummond there is a mixture of Whiting, Garfish, Salmon, Tommies, Sweep, Flathead, Mullet and Snook.

Offshore Tuna are much smaller but can turn up anywhere from Point Sir Isaac’s out to the Islands. Samson fish, Kingfish, Sharks, Nannygai and Blue Morwong are all there as well to be caught.

Port Lincoln

Squid are going strongly from the rocks and jetties around town where late afternoons and into the night have been the best times for them. Off the jetties there are Whiting, Tommies, Garfish some Snook and also a few Salmon around. Whiting from the North Shore and Tulka have been average this week with only a small number of fish reported but make up for it in size with some 45cm reported from the shore.

A few boat fishers have reported some good Whiting catches from along the North Shore late in the day and also good numbers of Squid, a few Snook and some big Garfish. The Passage, also is fishing better with some good Whiting catches reported. Thistle Island is improving with some decent Whiting catches reported there as well. Squid also have been good in that area with some big ones caught.

In the deeper water off of the Passage there are also some Gummy Sharks worth chasing. Further offshore there are Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Samson fish and Tuna are still hanging around at the Cabbage Patch. The Flathead guys have been getting some decent numbers with sizes between 60-70cm in the National Park and smaller ones along the North Shore. The Daiwa bait Junkie 5 inch Jerk Shad have been the best performing soft plastic there. Salmon are along the Sleaford coast but mostly still out of range.

Tumby Bay

Whiting are out at Group but it can be hard going, many drops only have a few fish so lots of moves are needed to get your bag. Snapper have been a problem on some drops for a while now and if you get one there’s likely to be many more so don’t waste too much time on the areas with Snapper. Squid are in good numbers and there’s plenty of Snook out there if like them. From the shore there’s Flathead from many of the beaches south of Tumby and Second Creek has plenty of Salmon. The jetty has Squid, Snook and a few good Whiting.

Port Neill and Arno Bay

Off the jetties Squid, Snook, Tommies and Garfish are the best fish to chase. Off of the beaches Yellowfin Whiting are slowing right down and are best closer up to Cowell. Flathead are there and there’s some good ones to be caught. Boat fishers are finding Snook, in good numbers, Garfish and Squid with Whiting being a bit hot and cold in the area.

This week’s photos are courtesy of:

Charlie & Shane Hodgens: A Gummy Shark and School Shark caught in the boat off of Coffin Bay.

If you are not on the footy field of netball courts this weekend than the weather is looking great to head out fishing, enjoy it while we can before winter really sets in!

TW Port Lincoln Team