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Port Lincoln Fishing Report - Wednesday 17th July 2021

The weather is a bit up and down but if you pick the right areas at the right time there is some excellent fishing for Squid, Salmon and Whiting available. The Salmon reports just keep getting better with some good fish caught along the West Coast. Squidding along the Eastern side is excellent and there are some good patches of Whiting around. If you want something a bit bigger, Gummy and School Sharks can be found in a number of areas.

Here is what’s on the bite.


Salmon fishing has been very impressive from all beaches in the area. Talia is a bit slower than the others but some big fish get caught here now on until September. All methods have been working for Salmon at Elliston, baits, lures and even fly rod’ers have been getting in on the action. Gummy and School Sharks have been reported again from night time beach fishers and most beaches all the way past Fowlers Bay have Sharks to some degree.

The jetty also has some big Squid and Tommie’s. Many of beaches and rock areas in this area also have Mullet and Tommie’s and at some beaches there is Flathead and Whiting.

Coffin Bay

In the bays Salmon Trout and Tommie’s have been the main catch and Gummy Sharks also have been caught. Farm Beach Whiting have been reported from the deeper water grounds this week but would also be on other grounds as well. There is also some Squid, Tommie’s, Salmon Trout and Gummy Sharks from this area. No offshore reports this week but if the weather forecast for Sunday is good it would be well worth the trip for Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Sharks etc out from Point Sir Isaacs and beyond.

Beach fishers for Salmon are having some good session’s from Gunyah, Greenly and Convention Beaches, there’s good fish there and can range from 2-4kg, lure fishing has been popular and lures coloured in green and orange have been working really well. The Jackson Gallop Assist’s, Arma Twist’s and Arma Radico’s are the best metals and stick baits like Jackson Muscle Shots, Shimano Rock Slides and the Zerek Zapplins are excellent.

Also from the more sheltered beaches in the National Park from Seven Mile Beach to Point Sir Isaac’s Flathead fishers are still picking up some nice Flathead on soft plastic’s like the Daiwa Bait Junkies and the Chase Bait Prawns, Whiting are also available off the beaches in good numbers.

Nighttime Shark fishers will find Gummy and School Sharks as well from a few beaches in the National Park and also Mount Drummond.

Port Lincoln

Squid are still a very popular catch from around the Port Lincoln jetties and rock areas around town. Yo Zuri Double Glow Squid jigs work very well, also Squid jigs in orange, green and black are others which are working pretty well at the moment, there are some big Squid getting around.

Whiting have been caught from the rocks along the North shore and if have the right rod and reel setup quotas of Whiting can be caught from the shore, you need a light surf setup for the Whiting off the rocks. Salmon also have been caught along the North Shore and there are some decent ones to a couple of kilos, a bit of burley will get them around.

The best boat fishing has been on the North Shore for Squid and Whiting but you can also expect Salmon and Snook if you troll around using lures. Further down the coast Whiting can be caught from Carcase Rocks to Memory Cove including Thistle Island, there have been some excellent reports and also some bad ones but if you know what you are doing you should be ok. There’s also quite a few Squid in the area and big ones, you will also find Snook and Salmon.

Offshore very little to report but keep an eye on the weather for Sunday it looks good at this stage and there should be plenty on offer offshore on the reefs. Salmon fishing has been good right along the Sleaford coast with Salmon reported all the way along Sleaford. The Wanna to Millers Hole area remains the best area and is most reliable, all methods have been working for Salmon with lure fishing most popular. Big Tommie’s and Mullet can be also be caught from Millers Hole.

Tumby Bay

The jetty is still very good for Squid with good numbers caught here. Flathead can be caught from beaches south of the town with the Daiwa Bait Junkie 5 inch Jerk Shads being the best soft plastic to target them.

Boat fishers are catching a mixture of Whiting, Snook, Trevally, Tommies and Squid at the Group and in closer Whiting and Squid are the main catch also with some decent catches reported.

Port Neill and Arno Bay

Squid from the jetties and from the rocks around Port Neill and some really good ones, there seems to be plenty around. There’s also some good patches of Whiting from both areas if you can find them, there are some good Flathead around from the beaches and a few small Salmon to around 1kg.  

This weeks photos are courtesy of:

Rick Elliott: Decent King George Whiting caught from the Proper.

Charlie Hodgens: Another great school holiday session at the National Park catching Salmon.

Joel Hore: Heading to the jetty with Dad saw some decent Squid caught.

Jack & Robert Burfield: Visiting the region these guys got onto some decent Salmon along the coastline including the Lincoln National Park.

Well we are in for some pretty nasty weather over the next couple of days, Sunday is looking to be the pick of the day to do anything!

TW Port Lincoln Team