Port Lincoln Fishing Report – Wednesday 15th November 2023

Fishing reports have been a bit slower this week, but despite that they have been pretty good the ones that have come through the shop. Whiting, Garfish and Squid are the main catch this week and there’s been some very good reports pretty much in all areas. Gummy Sharks and Salmon also get a mention and there’s some decent numbers of them in a few areas.

Here’s what has been biting in the last week.


Gummy Sharks can be caught from Talia and Sheringa beaches mostly at night, there are also some Salmon, some big Tommies and a few big Mullet but not much else has been reported from the Elliston area.

Venus Bay and Steaky Bay has some Whiting, Garfish, Tommies and Squid. For the Mulloway fishers the Yalata beaches have the best numbers of big fish, get the weather right and you should get one if your up there. Sharks and Salmon make up the rest of the catch from up that way.

Coffin Bay

The fishing in the bays is pretty good with Whiting, Tommies, Garfish, Snook, Salmon Trout, a few Flathead and a few Gummy Sharks as well, all can be caught from the shore or by boat and is very easy fishing really.

Farm Beach has all the usuals like Whiting in good numbers, Salmon Trout, big Garfish, Snook and some nice Squid. For whiting many areas are good with the sandhills and the fence line a good start but be prepared to move around a bit if don’t find many or small fish are at these areas.

If you are in the deeper water areas there are Gummy Sharks and there’s a good chance of catching one of these if you want to put in the time here. Offshore reports have been few and far between and the weather hasn’t been the kindest for offshore fishing.

Salmon reports have also been a bit slow around Coffin Bay but it is still well worth checking out all the main beaches in the area with Gunyah and Almonta beaches at the top of the list. Its also well worth checking out the area between Frenchmans and Coles Point for Garfish and Whiting as there should some good fishing off of the shore for them.

Port Lincoln

Off the two open jetties around town at the moment there’s been some Squid, Tommies, Garfish, Snook and Whiting from the main wharf, keep an eye out for small Kingfish now from the main wharf and also inside the marina.

In the National Park there’s plenty of options mostly from the eastern side including Squid, Snook, Tommies, Garfish and some Whiting from the rocks. Boat fishing in the bays is better and improving quiet well now. There’s been much better reports of Squid and Whiting, mostly from the North Shore and around Boston Island and there is some cracker Garfish in good numbers and you can also find Snook and Tommies as well.

Further down the coast Thistle Island remains very good for Whiting, Snook, Garfish and Squid and its well worth a trip down that way. Offshore reports have mainly consisted of fishers out looking for the big Tuna. Its been a quiet week for them with no reports for over a week now but there is every chance that they are still out there, it’s worth checking out other areas to see if they have moved to a different location. If you find bait, birds, dolphins or whales there’s every chance a big Tuna might be close by.

Salmon reports from along the Wanna Beach area have been excellent and it sounds like this is the best area for Salmon right now with plenty of schools of fish in quite close to shore.

Tumby Bay

Really good fishing reports from out at the Group. Whiting are in good numbers, Garfish, Snook, Trevally and big Squid make up the rest of the catch and in closer you can get a good feed as well. Whiting, Snook, Squid and Garfish ae the main catch with good numbers of Garfish in particular.

Port Neill and Arno Bay

Right between the two towns there is good numbers of big Whiting with really encouraging reports. Squid too have been on the go and they are big ones, we have been told the Shimano Flash Boost in the Pilchard colour is the to lure for the Squid. You can’t miss catching Squid with this lure the experts from this area are telling us. There’s also Snook and Garfish and good numbers of big Garfish from the Port Neill jetty should be on the cards. There’s also modest numbers of Yellowfin Whiting which have been coming from the beaches in the area.


Consistent south easterly winds are hanging around the next week, some days are better than others, hopefully the weekend is ok for a fish.

TW Port Lincoln Team



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