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Port Lincoln Fishing Report - Wednesday 22nd September 2021

The past weeks weather has been another shocker really, there hasn’t been to many reports due to the weather, only a day here and there for boat fishers and land-based fishers have had strong winds and a big swell to contend with so sheltered areas were the go. Still there were a few that got out and managed some good fish.

Here’s what has been caught over the past week.


Only a few Salmon reports from Talia Beach when the swell wasn’t too bad and a handful of Salmon were caught. Whiting were caught up at Venus Bay but nothing much over the mid 30cm range.

Coffin Bay

In the bays it’s improving a fair bit for Whiting, you do need to watch the size of fish as there are quite a few under sized out there but the good thing here when its windy you can find areas out of the wind and shore-based fishing here is pretty good. Salmon Trout and Tommies can also be caught fairly easy, and Garfish are starting to get a bit more active. Snook won’t be too far away either.

For those that picked a decent window and got out to Farm Beach Whiting were fairly easy to find from a number of areas, some grounds have a lot of small fish so watch the size. Tommies, Snook, Squid and Salmon Trout can also be found there.

Offshore there has been no news due to the weather but if you can get there there’s plenty of hungry reef fish. Salmon fishers are finding Salmon from Gunyah, Greenly and Convention Beaches,  there’s plenty of them and you can expect Salmon up 4kg from any of these beaches. Lure fishing has been most popular with lighter jigs 40gm-80gm or metal lures and many fishers are now opting for lures with assist hooks as a better option, as you get a better hook up and you are losing less fish compared to treble hooks.

Whiting, Flathead, Tommies, Snook and some big Gummy Sharks can also be caught from the rocks at Frenchman’s, Coles Point and Point Drummond.

Port Lincoln

Off the jetties Squid have been the main catch, there’s Tommies and Snook also. Boat fishers are reporting better Whiting numbers from around the bay. The North Shore, Spalding Cove  and the Proper are the areas to look for, late in the day and into night are the best times to head out for Whiting. Squid, Snook, Tommies and a few Garfish are also around.

In the Passage there hasn’t been to many reports but the ones we received were pretty good with good sized fish being caught, Squid numbers were down but most were really pretty good size.

Offshore no news was reported this week due to the weather but if you can get out there it should be pretty good fishing. Salmon fishers fishing along the south coast this week had to pick your days due to the weather but when the conditions were good it’s very hard not to come in contact with Salmon. Lure fishing has been a good option from the beaches but areas like Miller’s and the Salmon hole Pilchards have been best.

Tumby Bay/Port Neill/Arno Bay

The has really not been best at all this week and boat fishing reports have been almost non existent. There are better days ahead and over the next week there should be plenty of opportunities at all areas with plenty of hungry fish and Squid. The jetties in these areas will have Squid, Tommie’s, Snook and Garfish.    

This weeks photos are courtesy of:

Shane Hodgens: Salmon at Gunyah Beach, Coffin Bay are still consistent pending the wind conditions.

TW Port Lincoln Team