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Port Lincoln Fishing Report – 15th January 2020

Some good fishing has taken place over the last week with some impressive catches being taken. Here’s what has been caught.


Offshore Tuna are active in many areas and bottom fishers are catching some big Whiting, Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Samson fish and some areas have large numbers of Snapper which need to be returned. Use a release weight for these Snapper is the best chance of survival in the deep water.

Off the beaches Salmon and Flathead have been caught at Walkers Rocks and the jetty has a mixture of Tommies, Garfish and Squid.

Coffin Bay

In the bays there’s plenty of Salmon Trout, Tommies, Garfish and a few good size Whiting both shore based and by boat. Dutton Bay has been good for Garfish. Farm Beach has been producing some good Whiting with bag limits reported from many areas. Garfish, Tommies, Snook, Gummy Sharks and even Tuna have been reported in this area. Big boats aren’t needed to catch Tuna as they can be in easy reach now being close in to shore at Coles Point and Point Drummond as well.

Beyond Point Sir Isaacs Tuna can show up anywhere but best around the Islands where Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Sharks, Samson fish and Kingfish have also been caught. Some good shore based catches of Whiting and the odd decent Flathead have been reported in the Pool and Morgan’s Landing area,  you will need to walk the shore and cast into sand patches and some good catches can be made.

Salmon reports have mostly come from the Greenly Beach area which has had a number of good reports for a number of weeks now. The morning tides are big now so areas like Gunyah and Almonta will fish better for Salmon from first light. During the day there hasn’t been too many reports.

Port Lincoln

The jetties have Squid at night and also early morning. Garfish, Snook and Tommies can also be caught, the main wharf has had some Whiting. Small Kingfish can also be caught in the Marina.

Whiting have been caught along the North Shore late afternoon and into the night by those fishing some of the rocky points in the area. Boat fishers are mostly finding small Whiting in the bays but there are some good ones around. Squid, Snook and Garfish are other fish around in good numbers.

 Further down the coast there are good numbers of Whiting at Thistle Island and a few Squid. Tuna are best south of Thistle Island, Low Rocks, Neptunes, Cabbage Patch and Ligueana Island. Size varies but generally you can expect them anywhere from 10-20kg. A few lures that have worked very well lately are the Halco TNT Laser Pros and Zerek Speed Donkeys these are must in your Tuna spread.

 Other fish caught offshore are Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Kingfish and Samson fish mostly from the Cabbage Patch. Salmon catches from the Sleaford area have slowed down, not many reports but there are still schools of fish in the area.

Tumby Bay

Some good land based fishing here, the jetty still plenty of Kingfish around, Squid, Snook, Garfish and in the shallows there’s Yellowfin Whiting. Yellowfin Whiting can also be caught along the foreshore. In the Marina Kingfish have been caught.

Both Inshore and out at the Group there’s been some good Whiting catches along with Snook, Garfish and Squid. Mornings are going to better before the afternoon sea breeze kicks in.

Port Neill and Arno Bay

Beach fishing has been good for Yellowfin Whiting in both areas and there’s also some nice Flathead being caught too. Off the jetty there’s Garfish, Snook, Tommies and Squid. Boat fishers will find some nice Whiting, Squid, Snook, Garfish and Bronze Whaler Sharks if that interests you.

This week’s photos are courtesy of:

Wes Wiseman: Groper caught recently.

Jake McLeod: Quick trip down to Thistle Island saw some nice Tuna caught which some were tagged and released.

Darren Cox: After getting some decent Tuna at Farm Beach they seem to be hanging around with another one caught.

Rick Elliott: Some decent Whiting caught land based in the moonlight.

Shane Hodgens: The Tuna are absolutely smashing the Halco Laser Pro TNT colour – this has been the most consistent lure so far to catch Tuna this season.           

The weather hasn’t been as kind as it has been in the past few weeks but when you can get out you don’t have to go too far to chase and have some fun with the Blue Fin Tuna!

Don’t forget if you get that fish of a lifetime or love to share you catch with everyone, send it into to us and we will include in our fishing report!

Get out there and have some fun, there are plenty of fish around!

TW Port Lincoln Team