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Port Lincoln Fishing Report – Wednesday 18th March 2020

The wind has dropped off finally and boats can get out and get onto some decent fish. There has been some good reports and more will come through in the coming days. 

Here’s what is on the bite.

Coffin Bay

Reports here are mixed, some good ones and some really bad ones but there are fish there if you work for them. Inside the bays look out for Whiting, Garfish, Tommies, Salmon Trout and Flathead. There are some good size Whiting and pockets of many under size fish which if found you should move on. Flathead are now worth targeting and there should be some big ones around.

Farm Beach fishers have reported that it has been generally hard going. Many grounds and even the deep water grounds have many undersize fish. You will just need to move around but good bags have been taken. Garfish can be the saviour though there’s plenty around there. Snook and some big Squid have also been taken. Offshore Tuna, Kingfish, Samson fish, Nannygai, Blue Morwong and Sharks can be caught around the island’s and deep water drops, some really good fish have been taken. Salmon fishers will start to find some good Salmon now from Gunyah Beach, Greenly Beach and Convention do have some decent Salmon.

Port Lincoln

Crabs and Garfish are the best bet now with some good catches. Crabs are big now and if you get onto a good patch you will do well in a fairly short time. Most fishers are happy with 6-8 crabs and that should be easily reached. Garfish are good both shore based and by boat, in the bays there are plenty around for all. The jetties are producing Squid, Snook, Garfish and some good Whiting have come from the town jetty. There are many rock areas that will now fish well for Whiting towards Tulka and also the North Shore.

Flathead now will be making an appearance and would be worth trying for from the beaches.  Small Kingfish are in the marina chasing lures and one lure that is worth having is the Jackson G-Control a high speed retrieve lure that fires up the Kingfish.   Whiting news for boat fishers have come from many areas in the bays and also down at Thistle Island if you want to head down that far.

Offshore news has come from mostly the Cabbage Patch and South Neptune’s where there are plenty of Tuna at both areas and all around the 10-16kg range, they are taking a range of lures. The Halco TNT’s and Dirty Harry’s have been good lures on the Tuna.

Salmon fishers have been finding some Salmon along the Sleaford coast and there are schools coming within range and most fish are good size fish.

Tumby Bay 

Not a lot of news this week because of the windy weather in the last week but if you’re heading out to the Group in the recent weeks it has been good for Whiting, Squid and Snook, most areas are good. In closer there will Whiting, Garfish, Snook and Squid both North and South of Tumby Bay. The beaches are still good for Yellowfin Whiting taking both lures and baits. The jetty has Squid, Snook, Garfish and Tommies.

Port Neill and Arno Bay

At Port Neill jetty there has been some decent Salmon busting off fishers along with Squid, Garfish, Snook and Tommies which can also be found at Arno Bay jetty. The beaches have a mixture of Mullet, Tommies, Flathead and mostly Yellowfin Whiting. Boat fishers will find good numbers of Whiting at Arno Bay and also Port Neill. Squid, Snook and Garfish are other targets to try.

This week’s photos are courtesy of:

Chris Kratz: Another couple of Bronze Whaler Sharks caught and released land based.

Some big land based King George Whiting getting around at the moment if you know where to go.

Matt Schultz & James Manna: A great day on the water today saw some nice Samson fish being caught, pretty good first effort catching these fighters first time!

The weather is looking pretty good for the weekend, good luck to all the boats entering the Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic, let’s hope some decent Tuna are caught and released!

TW Port Lincoln Team