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Port Lincoln Fishing Report – Wednesday 11th November 2020

Reports have been a bit slower this week, the wind has made it harder for most but when there is a lull in the weather it’s pretty good fishing out there. Here’s what has been caught.

Coffin Bay

In the bays there’s a mixture of Salmon Trout, Tommies, Snook, a few legal Whiting and Garfish, all can be caught from the boat or land based. There are Gummy Sharks there too if you are prepared to catch a stack of eagle rays while you are there.

Farm Beach offers plenty of Whiting, Garfish, Tommies, Salmon Trout, a few Squid and Gummy Sharks. With the wind many have been staying close to shore and there’s still plenty of fish in close.

Offshore only few reports of Nannygai being caught not far offshore from Point Sir Isaacs. Rock and beach fishers have also been getting some good Whiting and Garfish catches around Gallipoli and Frenchman’s. The Garfish have been hot and cold but fishers have at least got enough for a feed.

 Salmon fishing has been good at Gunyah, Greenly and Convention Beach. The wind hasn’t affected the beaches as bad and Northerly and Easterly winds tend to favour these areas. Salmon can be expected anywhere from 1-4kg from these beaches.

Port Lincoln

Jetty fishers have been catching good numbers of Squid from the jetties with the Kirton Point jetty having plenty. The town jetty has the odd Whiting, Snook and some Garfish and the same can be said about the main wharf.

Boat fishers have been when they have been able to get out and have been finding Whiting right throughout the bays now and there are some decent size fish well over 40cm caught. Areas that have been mentioned that are worth trying are the Sand Hills, Boston Island, Spalding Cove, Proper Bay and Porter Bay. There’s also Garfish, Squid and Snook being caught. Blue crabs are making an appearance and numbers are low as it’s only early in the season but they are out there, night time rakers are the ones getting the best numbers of crabs.

Down the coast only a few reports of some good Whiting catches at Thistle Island where there is also some Snook, Garfish and Squid also and no offshore reports this week. In the National Park there are some big schools of Salmon along the Sleaford coast but mostly out of casting range. There are still Salmon there in the gutters where they can be caught on baits or lure casters can go from gutter to gutter. Elsewhere in the park you will can find a nice area out of the wind, set up a burley trail and there will be Garfish, Tommies, Squid, Snook and also Whiting to be caught.

Tumby Bay

The jetty has some decent numbers of Squid, Garfish, Tommies and Snook. Most boat fishing has been done in close and there are some good reports of big Garfish, big Snook and Squid also from Second Creek down to Bolingbroke, set up a burley trail for best results, this holds some good numbers of Whiting you just need some decent weather to get there. There’s also Snook, Squid, Garfish and Trevally.

Port Neill and Arno Bay

Some beaches in the area are starting to produce some decent numbers of Yellowfin Whiting and on baits and also lures. Bassday Sugar Pens and Jackson EBI Panics are the lure of choice so far. The jetties are fishing well for Garfish and Squid but there’s also Snook and Tommies, many rock areas will also produce the same sort of catches. Boat fishers are doing well for Whiting, Squid, Garfish and Tommies when conditions allow.       

This weeks photos are courtesy of:

Shaz McGinty: A great session not far off of launching saw some nice size Squid being caught.

I think we have had 4 seasons of weather in the last week, but the weather is starting to get warmer which means the water is warming up for some exciting fishing not far away include Blue Swimmers, Tuna, Kingfish and nice warm days on the water!

TW Port Lincoln Team